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stevetherapper's News

Posted by stevetherapper - April 5th, 2019

Alright so I was just on Newgrounds several minutes ago and all of a sudden, I see this.


Savage Death Valley was on the frontpage. Now, when a movie is frontpage, it’s there for other people to see, especially kids. But when I clicked on the video, to my surprise, I saw this on the top left corner of my phone.


It was for ADULTS! If you want to stop adult movies from going on frontpage, report this to Tom Fulp and the mods immediately!

Here is the link to the movie I just looked at, but I wouldn’t recommend it for kids between the ages of 0-17, just people between the ages of 18-infinity.


Posted by stevetherapper - March 30th, 2019

According to Tomodachi Life... (turn you computer upside down)


This is real!



Posted by stevetherapper - March 29th, 2019

T-Series passed PewDiePie...


What’s worse is that the sub gap between Pewds and T-Gay is almost 100,000 subs!!!!!! So guys! This is urgent! SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!



Posted by stevetherapper - March 27th, 2019

Yo! Steve The Rapper here! I recently uploaded Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 and I wanted to let you know that Annoying Adventurers Season 2 is coming soon! Now I know what you’re thinking. “Annoying Adventurers Season 2? Amazing! But when is it coming?” Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s coming when I get a computer. I do have a computer, but my mom bought it in 2012. It is a Windows 8, and as you can guess, it doesn’t work very well. By “when I get a computer,” I meant when I get a Windows 10. So that’s where I will be downloading Macromedia Flash Professional 8, which I will use to make the first episode of Annoying Adventurers Season 2. But that’s all for today. My name is Steve The Rapper and I will see you guys later!



Posted by stevetherapper - March 26th, 2019


Ugh! I’m bored! Someone give me notifications! Welp, I guess I’ll go watch some TikTok.



Posted by stevetherapper - March 10th, 2019

My face!iu_12448_6942476.jpg

What do you think?


Posted by stevetherapper - March 9th, 2019

While you’re animating, try to save your progress every 2 minutes before your program crashes (if it does). That way, when it crashes, you won’t lose much progress. It’s also useful when you are finished and want to export. That way, your file won’t get corrupted and you will have most of your data and sometimes you can go back to where you left off!

If this is unhelpful or it doesn’t work at all even though you used the tip I gave you, please PM me.



Posted by stevetherapper - March 8th, 2019


So, I’m pretty sure you guys have heard about my series called Annoying Adventurers. And you guys seem to really like it. And if you don’t like the series then you are A TOTAL RETARD.

Ha ha, just kidding! Well, Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 is going to be on hold for a while. About an hour ago, I was nearly finished with the episode, I just had to do the credits. I needed audio for the credits though. And I thought I would choose The Race Around The World by Waterflame. I think that song is pretty legendary and technoish. But right before I was going to record (Yes, record, because I’m cheap when it comes to my iPhone), this popped up.


I didn’t know what was wrong, I thought it was my iPhone storage that was the problem. I doubted my iCloud storage was the problem, so I went to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and just as I saw, the storage was actually decent!


Oh, iMovie, always lying to me...

Fun Fact: Yes, I am making a fun fact in the middle of a news post. iMovie, well at least for iPhone, hasn’t been updated for 4 months, quite a while ago so it’s gotta be better, right? Right...?

Boring Fact: Even though iMovie last updated not even half a year ago, it still has glitches, it’s still buggy, and it won’t stop corrupting or messing up projects! This is a fraud which explains the kind of amateur rating.


Anyway, back to the story. I went back to iMovie, tried to record the audio, but even though my iPhone storage was decent, it still said this.


No matter how decent my storage was, it would still say this. And even if I’d freed more than enough space, it would always say this which really frustrated me because I had to upload something right now!!!

So yeah. That’s why Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 is on hiatus. I’m sorry if I got a little off topic over here, and I hope you’ll be patient by then. But thanks for reading, guys! This is Steve The Rapper, and I’ll see you guys... (looks at watch) when will I... next time!



Posted by stevetherapper - February 23rd, 2019

Hey again... Steve The Rapper here and I’ve been working on Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 and the project I worked on to edit the video has been ruined... I don’t want to cancel it though... but I might have to... and besides that, I want to move to a different app... so I might have to start over because it’s the only way the glitches will be gone. Goodbye guys.



Posted by stevetherapper - February 23rd, 2019

Well, now I’m starting to get mad, guys! I was going to edit my video Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 but when it opened all sounds were moved back a little!!!! Ugh!!!! So yeah. Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 is going to come a little later due to the sounds being moved.