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stevetherapper's News

Posted by stevetherapper - February 20th, 2019

Hey guys. This is Steve The Rapper and I have some news about Annoying Adventurers Episode 4! Well, I am not adding the intro because of copyright issues and other stuff, but for those who are asking, Annoying Adventurers is also going to be the last episode of Season 1. Yes, there are gonna be seasons, and yes, I am trying to put as much effort as I can into it, so sorry to keep y’all waiting. But anyways thanks for reading! This is Steve The Rapper, signing off!

(In addition, for some reason, I am always making actual news posts, and for NO reason, they are always long.)



Posted by stevetherapper - February 17th, 2019

Yo welcome back! What’s hippening and happening, guys! My name is Steve and uh, yeah. Let’s go over some of the good news, and some of the bad news about Annoying Adventurers! The good news is I finally managed to revive the first episode! The bad news is they won’t let me upload the last 2 episodes and I love these episodes, mostly the third one. And I invited a few people over to the movie: Cyberdevil, DStar7, Egoraptor, FlashFloodStudios, and TailsTheMoctFox. You guys know who you are. Like, if they let me revive the first episode, why not the 2 other ones? I updated these episodes, I swear! But anyway guys, that’s all the good news and the bad news. I’m stevetherapper, I will see you next time, and uh, drink some cola!


Posted by stevetherapper - February 17th, 2019

Hey guys, Steve here and... as you may know, Tom Fulp deleted my Annoying Adventurers episodes and I am upset! I really enjoyed making the episodes and... I just can’t complete an activity without a single tear running through my eyes. It’s just sad... and with that said... R.I.P. Annoying Adventurers............

...But the series isn’t dead yet! I’ll try my best to revive Annoying Adventurers by updating the episodes... but I can’t save the file because my iCloud storage is full and I don’t want to free up space because I have a lot of hard work, including the Annoying Adventurers episodes and my mom has to put money in a card so y’all gonna have to wait a while... but anyways see ya later everyone!

Posted by stevetherapper - February 12th, 2019

Hey guys, Steve The Rapper here, and I’m bored, tired, and sick as hell. So yeah. I’m working on Episode 3 of Annoying Adventurers. Here is a preview.

iu_7149_6942476.jpgI practiced with this picture made in complete shapes to trace.





Posted by stevetherapper - February 5th, 2019

Hello everybody! My name is Steve The Rapper and welcome back to another blog! Or news pos- Da!! Well, you get the point. I’m working on a new web series called Annoying Adventurers! I’m having a blast working on episode 1 and I can’t wait to upload it! It’s gonna be here on newgrounds, and other of my accounts, but not YouTube. I’m keeping my channel family friendly, mainly because my parents watches my videos. My dad does not want me swearing! So if he sees one of my videos have swearing in them, he’ll kill me! So yeah. It’s not going to be that ASAP, mainly because homework and school is in the way of everything, and because animation takes a while. If not a lot, I'm putting as much effort as I can on the episode. I hope you guys like it when it comes out, but don’t tell dad, ok? Bye!

Edit: Also, if it’s too long, I’m not sorry this time. ;)



Posted by stevetherapper - February 3rd, 2019

Any ideas for the title of my new web series? It’s basically Eddsworld. There are 3 main characters. Steve (me), Anton, and James. Not TheOdd1sOut, ok? Each episode will have a different adventure. Please come up with a cool title for my web series, and it better not be dumb! Also, have you watched today’s Super Bowl?


Posted by stevetherapper - February 1st, 2019

Hey guys my name is Steve and oh my gosh I’m becoming an adult now. Creepy! 😱 But anyways if you want, you can say happy birthday to me now! See ya!


Posted by stevetherapper - January 26th, 2019

Hey Steveheads! So it’s my birthday next week on February 2. It’s exactly in 1 week. February 2 is also Shakira’s birthday, Groundhog Day, and the date of the Monthly Writing Contest Deadline. Also, I am working on an animation called Valor’s World 6 and I really hope it makes it to the Monthly Writing Contest Deadline! So yeah... That’s it for today!



Posted by stevetherapper - January 20th, 2019

Hey guys! So it’s my birthday in 13 days and I’m excited! 😆 Around 2 days ago, I uploaded Eddsworld Fanimation and it seems a lot of you really liked it! Most of you are Eddheads (Eddhead = Eddsworld fan). So I’m in production of a new animation called Sketchy Sam. It’s gonna come out later so I hope you decide to stick around!


Posted by stevetherapper - January 18th, 2019

If the Eddsworld Fanimation gets blammed, well I mean, I worked really hard on this Fanimation so I might as well upload it to Facebook and/or YouTube. I don’t know. We'll see.