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Some News About The ADISL Pilot.

Posted by stevetherapper - August 19th, 2020

Hey rappers, Steve here.

I gotta tell you something that you can feel free to blame me for, I’ve been pulling a YandereDev on y’all, and per day, I have made very little progress on the A Day In Steve’s Life pilot, and I’m not even finished with scene 1. I’m not doing this on purpose, I’m still determined to get the pilot out, but lately I’ve been having this feeling where I am motivated to work on the pilot, and I’m not at the same time. It’s because, I’m a procrastinator, and I do other useless shit besides animating the pilot way too much. In facts, the pilot may not really be worth the wait, but I still wanna make it.

This pretty much leads us to our next problem which is likely unfair to blame me for, for certain reasons, Cedric, whose persona is a main character of the show, will take a break from Discord for a pretty long time. (For more information, pm @JustRockDude48.) So Cedric may or may not be able to voice his lines for the pilot for the time being. If he can still send the lines in Instagram or somewhere else right now, I’d have to contact him through there to record his lines, and when he sends his lines, they probably won’t be able to download as a .wav, and IG private messages isn’t even available for PC users yet, (at least from when I checked last time) and therefore I’d have to record those lines from my phone to the laptop and they will sound considerably low quality. Maybe he has another social platform where he can send .wav files there, but I’m not sure about the platform. But overall you may not be able to hear Cedric’s lines in legit 8k quality, unless he’s able to use Discord again before I’m finished with the pilot, which is pretty unlikely.

Overall I hope you can understand the problems I’m facing with the ADISL pilot. Despite all of the troubles though, the pilot is still gonna be made, you’ll just have to wait. Since October 2019, practically a year ago, the series has been going through several delays, rewrites, slow production, remakes, and a couple of renames, but it’s still gonna happen, and I’m still working hard on it because I’m determined to make this pilot become a reality. Trust me, it’s gonna be out before you know it.

Yeah that’s pretty much everything I have to say for now. I’ll keep you guys updated about the ADISL pilot and the series as a whole, but until then, peace out, and don’t miss out on the pilot. See ya.



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