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stevetherapper's News

Posted by stevetherapper - November 24th, 2019

I’m sorry if I haven’t been uploaded for a long time lately, it’s because I’m working on multiple animations, mainly the Christmas special, school and homework have been stressing me out, and I have a lot of shit I need to deal with. Hope I can make it up to you.


Posted by stevetherapper - November 8th, 2019

I’m so bored. I wish there was something new on Newgrounds.


Posted by stevetherapper - October 24th, 2019

Hey guys, Steve here. Since around 2018, Newgrounds hasn’t been the same.

Remember when you only had to upload movies with early Hyperboy quality and maybe copyrighted music to get frontpaged? That was around 2005-07. Now you have to be lucky enough to have Harry Patridge’s style and your movie has to be weird (at least for me) and NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC, and the movie would get frontpaged.

Look at Harry Partridge for example! (The following I’m about to say isn’t meant to talk shit about him, sorry if you take offense to it, Harry. Your style is really good.) He can upload a bad animation and it would get frontpaged. He can upload just a single frame of a dot in 1p and it would get frontpaged. He can literally upload ANYTHING. It would get frontpaged because it’s Harry Partridge. Not saying his animations are bad, just saying that you’d have to be as lucky as him to get your movies frontpaged.

I’m just trying to revive old movies! I’m trying to reminisce the old times of Newgrounds. And it does not work because my movies always get removed!

Now, if your movie has copyrighted music, it would not get frontpage. And if you’re not lucky, if your movie has copyrighted music, it would get deleted!

This is just YouTube all over again.

And it makes me wish I was born in 1988 and/or I joined Newgrounds earlier. Since 2017, the user icons and avatars are meant to be the same! This really sucks.

In conclusion, I hope Tom Fulp and the mods can learn from their mistakes, and bring back the old times. Not everybody likes change because sometimes changes can make your experience worse, and that’s what they’re doing with Newgrounds. It’s still a good site, I just wish we could be able bring old things back without being prohibited to, have movies with even copyrighted music and low animation quality frontpaged. I JUST WANT OLD NEWGROUNDS BACK!



Posted by stevetherapper - September 25th, 2019

...maybe it isn’t late to make a Madness movie. Hooray!



Posted by stevetherapper - September 23rd, 2019

Maybe next year...



Posted by stevetherapper - September 13th, 2019

Hey guys! Steve here, and I’m excited to announce a Smosh Animated Collab. The video you’ll be animating is The TRUTH about Smosh. Here are the parts listed below:


If you finished your part, DM it to me on Instagram at @sml_jeffy__, type your Newgrounds username, and follow me on both Newgrounds and Instagram if you haven’t already. Otherwise, your part won’t count! Can’t wait to see your parts!

Taken Parts

No parts are taken at this moment.


Posted by stevetherapper - September 7th, 2019

Remember when I announced teasers of an animation called Ex Box a few months back? Remember when I made a bit of sneak peeks about it? Yeah, well, I have to admit something you’re probably not gonna like... but... Ex Box is cancelled and scrapped. Here’s why.

Ok, let’s start from the beginning. This year on April 28, an idea struck me. I thought “I have an idea for an animation! How about Ex Box!” But that was before I came up with the plot. Then another idea struck me. I knew what to do at that point. I thought “The plot will be this: A girl breaks up with her boyfriend because he was too addicted to his new Xbox.” And then the next day, production for Ex Box began.

First, I had to put in pictures of John and Kim’s memories when they were together for the intro. It took roughly a week to finish the pictures for the intro. Then I got to animating.

I also came up with the idea of 3 sequels coming each year, Ex Box 360 in 2020, Ex Box One in 2021, and Ex Box Two in 2022 (Xbox Two will be a thing in 2022.). So I was working on the animation, but in the middle of animating something happened, and the animation project was corrupted as stated here. But luckily, that didn’t mean I had to start again from scratch, but a lot of the work was gone and I had to accept it later on, and production was put on hold.

Several days later, Ex Box was in the works again! But this time, with a little less interest in it due to the corrupted project incident that deleted all my work from it. I tried to make the work look like the deleted work, and it mostly did! Then I added more of it. Then I realized I had to make the actual animation at least twice as long as the intro, and the intro was around 3 and a half minutes long because I had to use the full Tomodachi Life song of a child book to fit with the intro. That was excessive pressure for me because I had very little storage, and I deadlined the project to December 31, 2019. And I only got 5 minutes and a half done! I was only halfway at this point.

I felt I had so much work and so little time on the project that I was sweating and felt pressured like hell! I thought I wasn’t gonna get the project done by the deadline. At this point, I was about ready to give up. All the recent work took months to complete, and I was driven crazy! I added a few jokes to the animation, and other stuff like that. Then the animation had gotten worse and worse, the humor had gotten less and less funny, hell, the project itself had gotten more and more rushed because I was slowly losing interest and motivation in it, and overall I was slowly losing my mind because of all the hell I’ve put myself into! I’ve put MYSELF into this situation because of that damn idea that went into my mind that I didn’t expect to take till August to go halfway on!

And after all the pressure I’ve been put through, after all the work I’ve animated, after all the months I’ve spent work on Ex Box, I felt I was ready to put production into an end. And I did.

In conclusion, that’s the essay of why I cancelled/scrapped what could’ve been the pinnacle of me, Ex Box. I also almost forgot to mention that the project was delayed multiple times! In summary, the reason why I quit production of Ex Box is because I just lost interest and motivation in it, the intro was also too long, and my art and animation style has changed, and therefore, you are free to steal my idea.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean I won’t be uploading more animations as good as Ex Box could’ve been. An animation called PS5 is in the works like with other animations, and maybe even more Annoying Adventurers after a while! Thanks for reading, guys! This is Steve, and I’ll see you guys later!



Posted by stevetherapper - August 29th, 2019




Posted by stevetherapper - August 23rd, 2019




Posted by stevetherapper - August 22nd, 2019

What should I draw?