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Why isn’t the software or category balls


8BitAnt responds:


This is..... eh????

All you really do is shoot cannon balls, that’s it. No audio (not even sound effects), no medals, and no level progression after you hit the crates. It would’ve been nice if it had a menu and there were actually levels in the game. There could also be a multiplayer option where we’d get to play against a computer on a cannonball war (I don’t know shit about coding, but I believe making it so that you could play online with actual players would probably seem impossible, so I prefer adding the option to play against a computer since that’s easier).

Forgetting to add music is not an excuse either, as you can just edit the submission with the edit button (the pencil icon), add music to the game, export the file, and then replace the previous file with the new one. Tada, easy as that.

Overall a bland game that could’ve been much better if you just spent more time and care on this game. Hopefully you can keep this in mind for your future games.


Too complicated. Can you make an easy version?


Yup, I finished the game in 50 seconds. Sweet.

Edit: And now I beat it in 49 seconds.


I enjoyed this game.

Basically just your typical brick breaker game, except the bricks progressively scroll down, and if the closest brick goes below your paddle or if you lose your ball thrice, you lose the game. Pretty cool concept.

I also enjoy the addition of the laser that’s a powerup that you can use to shoot all of the bricks that come your way every time the ball hits your paddle. Makes the game easier and more fun to play.

I do wish you could adjust the sensitivity of the ball. At times it could move too slow. There are also times where I use the laser to break bricks on my way and the ball is still breaking bricks and other bricks are still coming below my paddle, but maybe that’s just a me problem.

However, this is a fun waste of time game that anyone can play on the go. I see myself playing this again even after writing this review.


@WAZUP234 You're supposed to click the V in LIVES in the bottom left corner.


What a coincidence.


Nice game.

This game has flaws tho.

Well, firstly, you can’t save your game. This is kind of irritating. Well, it doesn’t have a level selection, so there wouldn’t be saves for games, but the thing is that should’ve been added as well.

There’s another problem. You can only go diagonally and horizontally. You can’t go vertically. You can’t even go 46-89 degrees!

Also, because of this, the glitches. The glitches are a big downgrade, because sometimes, I nearly get crushed and when I tap the direction to go up, it just doesn’t. It stays me there.

The music choice was good tho. The gameplay? It was mediocre.

Overall, is it an ok game? Yes. But is it great? No. I understand that this was made for Phaser Jam, but that doesn’t mean fixing your game to make it more playable isn’t the least you can do. If you can do that, I will give this game a higher rating.

For now, I will probably leave this to the dust and prefer other games.


It was great.

Game design is ok, gameplay was challenging but fun, and overall it was a good game. I do have one nitpick for this game, it doesn’t save your progress when you leave and come back, but all I can say is you did a good job.

This game is perfect if you’re up for the challenge, or if you just wanna do speedruns.

I will be following you and checking your other games as well.

Edit: I’ve noticed another flaw just recently, you can’t pause the game.


This game looks pretty nice. I’m on a mobile however, and I suggest you make the screen smaller cause I can’t do that.

Overall, looks nice and fun, but slightly unplayable on mobile devices.


I don’t know, I animate I guess.

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