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Let Me Take The Time To Thank Y’all Guys.

Posted by stevetherapper - October 23rd, 2020

Aight, so I just wanna take a moment here, a moment to appreciate my fans who helped motivate me to keep animating, and doing what I do now. Seriously guys, all 128 of you, thank y’all for following and supporting me on Newgrounds. 128 fans is quite a lot of fans in Newgrounds standards, and I really appreciate those of y’all who love my animations and drawings, tbh I think most of them here are shit, but I’m thankful that y’all like them. I’m really grateful for the constructive criticisms some of y’all gave me, even though I may not have been able to handle it in the past, it really helps me get better at what I do, and I thank y’all for that. Y’all are awesome, thanks to some of you who were with me since ‘18, and will be with me for more years to come. I’m glad I was able to make it this far in life, many friends, good reviews, and more. Thanks again, I love you all, homo or not. Steve out. <3




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you have come a long way my good friend


Nice :)


woah dude, i come on newgrounds after like 7 months and you still do animating :o keep going!


You just got grey supporter badge and that means that you are an honorary supporter :o

Yeah man I’m aware. I was actually psyched when I saw that post by Tom.

Homo or not lol, first time I see it phrased that way!

Good to see you still doing what you do! And that fan count stil a growing! #145 here!

Lol, that’s funny.

Yup, animation is still my passion to this day and will always be my passion till I get bored of it. Hoping to get 150 fans before 2021.

@Cyberdevil I just wish I could reply to BBS posts though, I’m still banned from the BBS.

150 sounds possible! Wonder if you'll get some new ones just via the newspost now, that's some free exposure too. :) That BBS ban though daanng, how long do you have left?

Yeah it might be.

For the BBS ban, I only have like 2 and a half months left. I was banned for 2 years.

Just four left now. :)

Ooh didn't remember that it was that long. Soon then, and maybe won't be so easy to get that long a ban again! Seems like you done matured a ton since that 'I can’t do that! I use my fucking motherfucker fuck of fuckity fucking phone, fuck!' post. Or maybe just no provocation here in the comments. XD Anyway looking forward to that. And I'm a start tuning into these animations a bit more again, been a while...

Honestly time flew imo. February 2019 feels like 6 months ago honestly. Hopefully when I get unbanned I’ll be able to remove those BBS posts cause well heh, I don’t want them to ruin my reputation.

Yeaah it's crazy, especially with pandemic times it's like time flies twice as fast. Think it has a lot to do with how when you're always in the same place the days sort of merge; you don't really have any distinctive changes to separate one month from another, crazy unpredictable; inexplicably drastically induced passage of days sped up effects. O_o Well, at least for me. That's my theory!

Hehe, well when you get active again they'll get buried under the new ones pretty quick. :) It's up to you of course but I feel like stuff like that's fun to look back on, and probably so much more in another ten years. Signs of change/progress/personal evolution too. Have plenty of similarly aggressive stuff way back in the backlog. :P

Honestly yeah, you do have a point. It has been a pain to get through, but thankfully we’ve survived over 9 months of this pandemic. Life has been rough lately, but we’re still alive so that’s all tough could ever wish for right?

Tbh sometimes looking back at my past self I regret a lot of the stuff I used to do, while parts of my past self might be memories to me, others are just blegh, and other others even got me banned on other platform. Oh well, looking back I also see how much I have matured over the past few years.

Yeaah I'm happy to hear you're still alive but... you've been personally affected by this too huh? Rough times financially for the family? Personally I've been pretty fortunate, the company I work with actually had better sales than ever at the start of the year, and we're still doing pretty well - it's an online business mostly - just spend a lot of time holed up at home/working from home too/just basically not going anywhere. The uncertainty was a bit intense at first but now it's really just the routine I need to manage. Get out more. Get more exercise.

Hope things start looking up for you guys though if you're still faring the hardship!

Mmm, can relate. :) I haven't read through everything you've posted of course, but I'm sure you won't have as much disdain down the line if you leave it be, you seem to come to peace with the past once you really move past it; look back at it with different eyes. History's nice. :P But other platforms too huh, lasting bans elsewhere? Any places similar to NG?

Besides going shopping and stuff I don’t really go outside that much anyway, I’ve pretty much stayed home 80% of the time while other of my classmates get to go out

@Cyberdevil as much as they want. This had still occurred before the quarantine, but overall I don’t normally go outside that much, even though I’m not an introvert.

Well at least you didn’t read ALL of my posts, i probably would have been embarrassed heh. Looking back again I do kinda find those old BBS posts a little funny, however I am still quite ashamed since they did get me banned from the BBS, and because I was so young, I unintentionally took this behavior to other social media platforms and got banned from them. I did eventually get unbanned from a few of them, however my bans in other platform still remain...

Sorry about that sudden response, my keyboard was acting jerky.

How high is that percentage right now I wonder? :) We lead similar lifestyles there man! Though I like being out too, I love nature, just so much I want to do by this here big box fulla bits that make the most amazing; magical things happen...

Almost tempted to now. :P Mmm, well it was pretty recently so understandable. Really curious what other platforms you've been around on that I might not know about btw. If you feel sending a PM if not here. I like keeping an eye out for interesting alternative places, though spend most time here anyway.

No worries, it's a shame you can't edit comments any longer though, for a while it was a bit easier to fix stuff like that...

Right now it’s pretty much the same. Idk if everyone was like that as a kid but yeah.

I mean if you wanna read my posts well heh, go ahead, as long as you know you’re probably gonna cringe... but I mean I can’t stop you. I’d probably rather send it in PMs, even though you can just check my links on my profile. I’m in almost every social media platform now.

Dang, I didn’t realize that until now.

Hmm I THINK I had school sometimes too. :P But apart from that: pretty much computer 24/7 here. At least 14-16 hour computer all days all week, was such a crazy pace looking back, definitely not healthy...

Haha, when I have some more time maybe I'll take you up on that. :) Think I'd just find it pretty entertaining though, I know you're not that kind of person really. Hmm, actually didn't know of rec.net before, nice, I'll send a PM about potential other ones then...

That wasn't why you kept going with the @Cyberdevil with the last comment?

Yeah but school doesn’t really count for me lol, because everybody goes to school sooo yeah.

Yeah you seem like the type of person who would enjoy immature behavior lol. Yeah I’m much better than I used to be. And about that rec.net account, that’s because I play Rec Room.

Ok I realized that a while ago, my mistake.

Haha, it's strange though, back when I went to school I probably thought the same, it was just a part of the day, but with work it's like suddenly you count the work as a part of your time again, maybe because it's actually not obligatory anymore hmm... I mean you still need money somehow but... you could also rob a bank or something. :P Or is it really that way because it's more of a choice or because everyone really doesn't have work, and thus it's not just a common denominator for all... man I never thought about the difference in how you consider this, interesting...

lmao! XD I definitely don't always act my age but hope people don't always describe me as 'that guy likes immature stuff'... saw that yeah, at first it seemed like it might be some kind of audio site. SoundCloud, ReverbNation, somethin' like that but possibly way better. :) Short domains always exude professionality IMO.

Got it. :)