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Good News And Bad News About Annoying Adventurers!

Posted by stevetherapper - February 17th, 2019

Yo welcome back! What’s hippening and happening, guys! My name is Steve and uh, yeah. Let’s go over some of the good news, and some of the bad news about Annoying Adventurers! The good news is I finally managed to revive the first episode! The bad news is they won’t let me upload the last 2 episodes and I love these episodes, mostly the third one. And I invited a few people over to the movie: Cyberdevil, DStar7, Egoraptor, FlashFloodStudios, and TailsTheMoctFox. You guys know who you are. Like, if they let me revive the first episode, why not the 2 other ones? I updated these episodes, I swear! But anyway guys, that’s all the good news and the bad news. I’m stevetherapper, I will see you next time, and uh, drink some cola!


Comments (8)

Wait what do you mean invited over to the movie. Pike you asked to see if they would voice in it?

No. Well I only asked Egoraptor that voiced Episode 3.

Darn it I didn't get a name drop.

Sorry, I guess.

Aw man I loved episode 2 & 3

Me too..... but hey, I managed to bring back episode 1. You should watch it.

So Dose This Mean Last 2 Episodes Are Gone :(

Hopefully not forever. I’m still trying to revive Episode 2 and 3.

Sad day, but I did wonder how long the mods wouldn't notice. :/ You did swap out the music though? What error do you get when you try to re-publish?

Well I did re-publish the episodes but I got an error saying it was unpublished by the mods and could not be re-published at the time. I mean, I did update the movie.

Ah well maybe there's some limit to how many you can re-publish at once, or the mods need to check on one of them first for the others to go through too...

That doesn’t make sense.

Well, imagine a mod stumbles upon a user with a hundred infringing videos, and that user republishes all of them... and it turns out all of them are still infringing, so they have to do it all over again. There could be some kind of limitation so after you've re-published one, then a mod will have to manually verify it's OK before the limitation's lifted. Just a thought. Could be.

Maybe in a day or two the other two will go through too.

Hey they did at yuh

Ah they're up! Cool.